Achieve Australia is constantly evaluating the quality of its accommodation services and customer satisfaction, and striving for continuous improvement.

As an extension of these efforts, we will soon be launching a new initiative called the Quality Checkers Program.

Quality Checkers was initially developed in the UK in 2002 to enable people with disability to have greater choice, voice and control over their accommodation services. The Program operates by providing opportunities for people with disability to provide feedback on their needs and satisfaction to other people with disability who have been trained for the task.

Quality Checkers work in small teams – one person with disability and one supporter. The teams will use questionnaires, visit Achieve group homes, and talk with people we support and families to obtain feedback and make recommendations for improvement.

Achieve is working with the UK Quality Checkers team to localise its questionnaires and approaches for the Australian environment.

A group of people supported by Achieve is currently training to take the lead in implementing the Quality Checkers Program in Australia.

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