Woman smiling at the camera with fabric in the background


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Fabric Enthusiast The shop sign flips to ‘open’ at The Sewing Basket in Newington and a steady stream of customers flow in. Liza Hanna has spent the morning getting ready…


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Swimming in the fast lane   Kade Gordan’s smile beams proudly down the camera lens. He has every reason to feel proud sporting medals won at the recent 2019 Special…


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Embracing life   As an avid football fan and Chelsea Football Club supporter, Lucy Strevett has big dreams to travel the world. “I want to go to Spain, Africa and…


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Home away from home   It’s the spring splendour family social at Summer Hill House and giant handcrafted flower installations adorn the courtyard, a flamboyant stilt walker enters the front…


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Creating lifelong friendships   Friendship and connection are an integral part of everyday life. For Amanda Stone, who has been accessing Achieve Australia’s disability employment and accommodation services for more…


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Inclusive communities   For people with and without disability, being part of a community where we feel valued, supported and appreciated is an important aspect of life. David Wetzler lives…


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New-found independence   Chantelle Williams points affectionately to a tattoo of a rabbit on her arm. “It’s my pet rabbit, Blackie. He is a very old rabbit now,” she says.…


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This time we sat down with Louisa – a passionate and caring young woman who has worked with Achieve Australia for 17 years.


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For the past three years, Rhonda and Yasmin have shared a close and special bond at The Sewing Basket. The pair work together every Monday and Friday at the Newington…
For Lauren working at AchievAble Enterprises has helped her earn her own money, gain independence and make new friends.


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People with disability often face discrimination when looking for employment, which closes the door to financial independence and limits social connections.   AchievAble Enterprises is a unique force of people with…
Enable Magazine 2 - Disability Employment - Christopher's Long Career

Spotlight on Disability Employment, Christopher’s Long Career

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Christopher has enjoyed a career of more than 23 years working in the commercial enterprises of Achieve Australia and the organisations from which it grew. He currently works for Packaging and Assembly Solutions, an…