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There are various requirements to be eligible for NDIS, including residency and disability.

Residency Requirements

To meet the residency requirements, you must:

  • reside in Australia
  • are one of the following: an Australian citizen, the holder of a permanent visa or a special category visa holder who is a protected SCV holder.

Disability Requirements

  • Having a permanent disability
  • Your disability substantially affects your ability to participate effectively in activities without assistance from others or technology
  • You are likely to require lifelong support under the NDIS (and not another service system such as the health system)
  • Your disability is chronic and episodic in nature, but may still be permanent, and you will need lifelong support

You may also be eligible if you have evidence that receiving support now will:

  • reduce how much help you will need to do things because of your disability in the future
  • improve or prevent the deterioration of your functional capacity
  • support your family and carers to continue taking care of you
  • ensure that such assistance will be financed through the NDIS, and not through an alternative service

To check your eligibility visit My Access Checker on the NDIS website.

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