What are ‘Behaviours of Concern’?

The term Behaviours of Concern refers to challenging or difficult behaviours exhibited by people with disability that impact the quality of life or physical safety of the individual and/or those around them. This term is used to describe behaviour that interferes with an individual’s support and daily life.

Achieve Australia’s Psychology and Behaviour Support Services (PBSS) offer evidence-based supports to help people with disability and their carers move away from the use of restrictive practices and overcome Behaviours of Concern.

What are ‘Complex Needs’?

Complex Needs is the term used to describe the support requirements of people with disability who have multiple, interrelated conditions or factors. Complex Needs can refer to:

  • Multiple disabilities diagnoses
  • Severe or profound intellectual disability
  • Significant medical conditions and health problems
  • Alcohol and/or drug issues
  • Issues related to past trauma or neglect
  • Behaviours of Concern

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