Achieve Australia’s My Pathways team has been supporting families transitioning to the NDIS since the pre-planning phase early in 2016, and then through the first Sydney rollout in July of that year.

Now it is working through the first round of annual reviews in 2017. Lauren McAuliffe is a My Pathway Officer, supporting people with disability and families through their transition to the NDIS and then annual plan reviews.

“There is a great deal of unseen workload involved in supporting families and guardians as they prepare for and participate and planning meetings with the National Disability Insurance Agency,” said Lauren.

“During the first round of planning meetings, My Pathway worked with the Agency to arrange meetings grouped by community home. This enabled the Agency planners to spend all day at one house and assess the needs of multiple people we support at each location.

“Preparing for the initial round of NDIS planning meetings included extensive coordination with Achieve’s My Home and My Wellbeing teams, other service providers, and families and guardians.

“We needed to gather detailed evidence for each person we support – including shift notes, incident reports, Behaviour Support Plans, Health Care Plans and specialist reports from primary and allied healthcare providers.

“Now, one year on, we are going through the first round of annual reviews of each person’s NDIS plan.

“That means going through the whole process again, gathering evidence and ensuring the NDIS has all the information it requires for each individual’s Supported Individual Living funding – comparing current plans and supports with diagnoses, support histories and individual goals.

“These planning meetings may also require the participation of Achieve Team Leaders, Community Managers and even Regional Managers, in addition to support coordinators. It’s a huge team effort,” said Lauren.


Now, one year on, we are going through the first round of annual reviews of each person’s NDIS plan.

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