Pursue passions and hobbies through our Day Programs

Learn new skills, pursue passions and hobbies and engage with the community through My Life, Achieve Australia’s Day Program services.

These services are designed to help you live the life you want through versatile activities and programs at our hubs in Sydney and the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. Achieve will work with you to explore a range of activities and supports that will find solutions to your individual needs and create new opportunities in your daily life.

Our My Life services include, but are not limited to:

  • Skills building – literacy and numeracy, travel training, computing, cooking, independent living, and more.
  • Hobbies – art, drama, music fishing, music, cooking, and more.
  • Community engagement – sports, swimming, coffee clubs, and more.

We take the time to understand the unique needs and interests of each individual and develop Day Program plans to suit their desires.

With Achieve’s My Life service you can pursue passions and interests.

View, download or print Achieve Australia’s full Day Program Guide for 2019.

The front cover of Achieve Australia's 2019 Day Program Guide

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Sachin in our video chooses to learn skills like numeracy and literacy through one of our My Life hubs. What would you like to try?