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NSW Volunteer of the Year Award.

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My Career: Our professionals help you find the right job to suit your abilities.The vision of Achieve Australia is to support people with disability to achieve social inclusion. That vision has driven Achieve to expand the concept of an opportunity shop – common in the not-for-profit sector – into a fully-fledged Social Enterprise in Sydney.

Opportunity shops play a key role in fundraising and enable the valuable participation of community volunteers in the work of organisations like Achieve Australia. A Social Enterprise takes that concept further and also creates opportunities to directly support workers with a disability. That is how Achieve Australia’s Fabric, Needlecraft and More shop at 112 Bowden Street, Meadowbank, operates.

How a Social Enterprise Helps the Community

More than 40 volunteers who are experienced and enthusiastic needlecraft hobbyists from the local community are rostered on to staff the Fabric, Needlecraft and More store. They work in partnership with supported workers in both front of house retail roles, and in support roles. Together they source, sort, shelve, display, price and help customers locate everything from dress and upholstery fabrics and patterns to embroidery tools, books, and knitting and crochet yarn.

Participation in the running of the shop enables supported workers with a disability to learn valuable job and interpersonal skills, and encourages their inclusion in the local community. Achieve Australia’s Social Enterprise in Sydney is a valuable asset not only to the needlecraft community, and talented volunteers from that community, but also to people we support.

A Unique Social Enterprise: Fabric, Needlecraft and More…

A Unique Social Enterprise: Fabric, Needlecraft and more…

Come down to our store and meet our dedicated and experienced volunteers who will assist you with our wide range of stock, ideas and suggestions for your next creation.


We also get a wide range of product from individuals and estates that are rare and contribute to ingesting a flair and design from past eras. You can get the latest fabrics and mix these with wonderful materials from times gone by.

Dress and upholstery fabrics and patterns

Dress and upholstery fabrics and patterns

Patchwork pieces, patterns and kits

Patchwork pieces, patterns and kits

Embroidery – threads, fabrics, kits, patterns and needles

Embroidery – threads, fabrics, kits, patterns and needles

Haberdashery – beads, buttons, braids, laces, canvases, notions and tapestries.

Haberdashery – beads, buttons, braids, laces, canvases, notions and tapestries

Knitting and crochet yarn

Knitting and crochet yarn

Books – a wide range of patchwork, applique, embroidery and craft books available

Books – a wide range of patchwork, applique, embroidery and craft books available



Monday, Wednesday and Friday
9am to 2pm

The 3rd Saturday of every month from 9am to 2pm.
The 1st Sunday of every month from 9am to 2pm.

You can contact the shop during business hours on
(02) 9807 3770

To get directions to the store, use the Map to the left and click ‘directions’.

A Brief History of
Achieve Australia’s
Social Enterprise

In 2018 we celebrate 20 years!

Extensive range at the Fabric Needlecraft & More Shop

The idea for Achieve Australia’s Social Enterprise started long before the creation of Achieve Australia. In 1998, a needlecraft store went out of business. All the remaining stock was donated to The Crowle Home – a forerunner of the organisation which eventually became Achieve Australia. The Crowle Home took the remaining stock and sold it at a one-off needlecraft sale to raise much-needed funds.

Word of the successful sale spread and further donations of fabric, wool, thread, patterns and craft supplies came flooding in. So many donations were received that it became feasible to establish a shop to sell the accumulated stock. Eventually the business was able to expand to its current Meadowbank site in 2013.

More of our extensive range at the Fabric Needlecraft & More Shop

Love isn’t all we need.

What we ``love to sell`` checklist

Our shop sales provide valuable funds towards supporting people with disability, by selling what’s donated.

Occasionally we receive items we can’t sell, so we created the following lists to guide our generous donors.

If your still uncertain, you can always call one of the friendly, volunteer staff on (02) 9807 3770 and ask.

You can also bring the item to the shop at the corner of Nancarrow Avenue and Bowden Street, Meadowbank.

Want to Get Involved?

We welcome our special and dedicated volunteers. If you would like to join our team, complete the application form to get started.


dressmaking fabrics of all types by piece or roll, rolls of furnishing fabric, interfacing, lining, ribbing


buttons, buckles, bias binding, ric rac, grosgrain ribbon, lace, braid, cord, fringing, ribbons, blanket binding, tassels, elastic, cotton tape, boning, velcro, motifs, piping, hemming web, tracing paper, zippers, pins, safety pins, needles


hessian, macrame cord, rug wool, tapestry wool, fleece, bear fabric, leather, felt, toy stuffing, raffia


fabrics, kits

Patchwork and Quilting

fabric, patterns, wadding, kits, accessories and tools, completed quilts and quilt tops, projects-half-done


embroidery books, fashion sewing, sewing for the home, patchwork & quilting, all crafts, knitting & crochet

Knitting and Crochet

wool, cotton, patterns, knitting accessories, crochet hooks, knitting needles


waste canvas, tapestry canvas, rug canvas


threads of all types, silk ribbon, linen, aida cloth, wool fabric, perle cotton, embroidery wool, finished and unfinished projects, needles hoops and frames, storage, accessories and tools, kits, charts and booklets


embroidered linens of all types, stencilled linens, doilies, tablecloths, linen hankies


styrofoam shapes, scrapbooking, quilling, feathers, beads, materials & accessories for jewellery making, pom poms, stamp craft, small artificial flowers, plastic tubing, wooden coat hangers, bag handles, doll making, foam sheets


dress patterns, thread cones, machine needles and feet, pattern drafting kits, tools and accessories, machine thread, machine embroidery thread, scissors, cushion inserts


vintage pieces and ‘treasures’