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My Career: Our professionals help you find the right job to suit your abilities.Having an income, learning skills to keep the job of your choice, and enjoying a good work environment are some of the goals that Achieve’s My Career service will work on with you and will strive to achieve.

Achieve will provide individual supports and services as you require. Achieve has the flexibility and capability to meet your expectations for services and supports. This could include:

  • Equipping you with skills, confidence and qualifications;
  • Assisting you to identify a career path;
  • Providing work experience opportunities;
  • Travel training;
  • Writing up an impressive resume;
  • Interview training; and
  • Ongoing support (if required)

We believe in creating opportunities for people to succeed and feel fulfilled through having a satisfying career and meaningful work.

Some of the industries we have assisted people to successfully work in are hospitality, packaging, media, and retail.

We also offer employment options with

  • Achieve’s Commercial Enterprise;
  • Achieve’s Social Enterprise; and
  • Assistance in starting up your own business.

To be what you want to be, contact us today to discuss how we can help.

Learn about our packaging and assembly solutions.

Lauren (featured in our video) happily works at Achieve Australia’s Packaging & Assembly Solutions business. Where would you like to be employed, trained, or gain work experience?

We have a variety of job opportunities, ranging from cleaning to packing, office and shop positions. Start by sharing information about yourself, the skills you have or want to learn, and the jobs you might like.

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Achieve Australia provides career assistance through our Head Office employment service. We also operate two facilities in our Fabric, Needlecraft and More shop in Meadowbank and at our Packaging and Assembly Solutions facility in Marrickville.

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Meet Maggie

A standout employee.

Meet Maggie Su, thirty-nine years old and has been with Achieve Australia since August 2012 looking for a placement through our job search assistance. She began working at Woolworths Eastwood six months ago and her journey with Achieve has been so successful that she no longer requires our services, such as post-placement support. She now has the professional competence of an independent worker.

Woolworths Eastwood Assistant Manager, Gustavo (Gus) Baillo describes Maggie as a ‘keen worker in the sense that she’s always interested in learning new things.’ He has also stated that Maggie is a ‘stand out’ employee as she is the only staff member that goes out of her way to actively help customers. If asked for assistance, she takes customers to the appropriate aisle, as opposed to verbally directing them.

Mr. Baillo describes Maggie’s adjustment into the workplace as ‘great’, saying that you wouldn’t know that she had been out of work when observing her work ethic. He furthers that Maggie is hardworking, punctual, and ‘dedicated to customer service.’

Maggie says that Achieve has created employment opportunities for her at a workplace she loves. At first, she was a bit stressed about working at Woolworths with ‘no experience in retail,’ due to working in an office for 10 years. Now, she finds going to work very exciting because she is on her feet and can interact with customers face-to-face. Maggie says that every day is different and engaging, unlike her experience working in office jobs which involved sitting at a desk in a routine.

Customers often consult Maggie for assistance due to her approachability and that she ‘greets them with a smile’. Having hired Maggie himself, Mr. Baillo says he’s keen to employ and train people Achieve supports, and would do it again if the opportunity arose.

My Career: Our professionals help you find the right job to suit your abilities.

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My Career: Our professionals help you find the right job to suit your abilities.