People with disability often face discrimination when looking for employment, which closes the door to financial independence and limits social connections.  

AchievAble Enterprises is a unique force of people with disability who work hard every day to deliver reliable pack and send services to businesses all over NSW. We sat down with our loyal and bubbly staff at AchievAble to chat to them about life, work and fun. First up, let’s meet Lauren.

Lauren and her friend working at AchievAble Enterprises.

Lauren works alongside her friends

Lauren has been working steady, regular shifts at AchievAble Enterprises for over ten years, since the factory first opened in Marrickville. Coming to work each week has helped her earn her own money, gain independence and make new friends.  

“I live with my Aunty and my sister Glennie. Glennie and I catch the bus and then a train to work. We arrive at about 9, have a coffee and then start work,” she explains.

I normally save my money. It goes into my bank account. But sometimes I buy coffees and go out with my friends.

Lauren Summers

Lauren enjoys the variety of work and products that come through the factory.  “I like working here because I get to do all kinds of stuff. I get to pack bath salts sometimes and do the ‘rolling’ for airline meals,” says Lauren. “But I really like putting the woolly parts on the microphones.”  

Lauren and her co-workers package the well-known RØDE Microphones before they are sent around the world to be used in all kinds of media, audio and digital productions.

When she comes home from work, Lauren relaxes by watering her plants, helping her Aunty prepare dinner, and watching TV. “When the TV is too boring, I watch my DVDs,” she says. She works two days a week at AchievAble and two days at another job, with Wednesdays as her day off.  

“On Wednesdays I do my housework. I do the dusting and vacuuming, and I like to garden,” she says. “When I’ve finished, I like to do colouring, and jigsaw puzzles. I like making the jigsaw puzzles into squares and seeing the straight edges.”  

Lauren is smart with the money she earns at AchievAble. “I normally save my money. It goes into my bank account. But sometimes I buy coffees and go out with my friends.”  

Lauren likes, routine, order and relaxing with her family and friends. Ongoing employment helps her to keep her life full of these things.

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