Friends of Achieve: Meet Mulga

By September 10, 2019News
Mulga the Artist in his studio
Mulga the Artist

Recently we unveiled the beautiful artwork that was part of the transformation of Summer Hill House. Achieve invited local street artist Mulga, also known as Joel Moore, to capture the spirit of Summer Hill House and bring it to life with vivid colours.

Since launching his art career in 2012, Mulga has achieved national and international recognition for his unique art style and exhibited his work in China, South Korea and Japan this year alone.

Mulga is known for his trademark style which brings together a unique combination of intricate line work and bright colours bringing to life a fantasy world of reoccurring characters. Each completed artwork is then accompanied by a poem that captures his emotions and backstory of the piece. 

If you want to read more about Mulga or view his latest artwork you can visit his site here: https://mulgatheartist.com.au/

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