Achieve Australia is showcasing its support for women’s rights and equality by launching a new series of programs and policies for employees on International Women’s Day, 8 March 2019. As of tomorrow, employees will have access to Paid Domestic Violence Leave as well as the opportunity to participate in a special Women’s Network support group, which is also open to male staff champions.  

Knowing that you have support at work is vital if you are in a crisis situation.

Brent Pitts, Acting CEO and Chief Financial Officer at Achieve Australia

“We are launching these initiatives in celebration of International Women’s Day because of our commitment to create a more balanced, safe and equitable workplace for all female employees across the organisation,” Acting CEO & Chief Financial Officer, Brent Pitts said. 

“Domestic violence affects many women and families in our community, and knowing that you have support at work is vital if you are in a crisis situation,” said Mr Pitts. “In 2019, we will also take active steps to creating a safer and more respectful workplace and stopping violence against women,” he said. 

The new Women’s Network is a peer support group that will deliver special events and workshops, which are focussed around career development, wellbeing and creating work-life balance. “The program is also open to male employees who want to take part in the activities or get involved in support of their female colleagues – no one is excluded,” explained Mr Pitts. 

Creating a supportive and equitable workplace offers many benefits for both employees and organisations including the opportunity to: increase morale and staff engagement levels; foster individual skills and talents; develop a more inclusive workplace culture; improve health and wellbeing; and explore career aspirations.  

“The advantages of creating a more supportive, equitable and gender-balanced community and workforce cannot be understated, but we know that everyone has a role to play,” People, Culture & Performance Executive, Lorraine Salloum said. 

As an organisation, we are taking action towards fairness, inclusion and parity for all women and it is our hope to provide even more programs such as this in the future,” said Ms Salloum. 

Following the official launch of these programs at Achieve Australia, celebration events for International Women’s Day will occur across Achieve’s disability service hubs throughout Sydney, the Hunter and the Northern Rivers region of NSW. 

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