Love with a disability

By February 11, 2021News

Love with a disability

With February being the month of love, we wanted to explore some personal stories from people with disability about dating, love, sex, and marriage.

Peter and Gloria – married for 20 years

Peter recalls the pair’s wedding day in August, 2000 with fond memories. “It was a big wedding; all of our friends were there. I remember being happy in the church waiting for Gloria to come. She looked beautiful,” he says.

Love me as I am

This SBS show follows six young Australians, guided by the relationship coach Liz Dore, and their journey to find love and acceptance. The show highlights the challenges and preconceptions that people with disability face when it comes to relationships.

8 Misconceptions and tips about love for people with disabilities

Annae Jones is a married mother of two and blogs about 8 common misconceptions and tips about love for people with disability. In her post she writes about love from her perspective and how people with disability desire relationships and that she is not less deserving of a long-term relationship because of her disability.

The realities of relationships with disability

“It’s very interesting that siblinghood is the first assumption people make about our closeness, rather than a partnership. It’s almost like we’re not regarded in our full personhood as a sensual being who could be in a romantic relationship.”

Andy and Rachael have been together for 12 years and often face public misconception about their relationship. They are not alone in their experiences and this article highlights that many people with disability are often not recognised as sexual beings and capable of intimate relationships.

Love on the spectrum

Much like Love me as I am, this show also follows young Australians on their quest for love but in a more intimate fashion over several episodes. Viewers will follow along on their first dates, first kisses and get a glimpse into their personal feelings about being young, wanting love and being on the spectrum.

An interabled love story (intimacy and disability)

Shane Burcaw is diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy and after 5 years of dating, married is now wife Hanna in 2020. In 2018, when this feature documentary was filmed, the pair had been dating for 3 years and many people mistook Hannah as Shane’s nurse. He wants others to know that he is deserving of love and in a relationship that is both emotionally and physically intimate.

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