Creativity is an expression of individuality, of inspiration and originality. Since October 2018, Nathan has been working at The Sewing Basket in Newington and has made a unique contribution to the team by sharing his creativity and love for fashion with others.    

Nathan’s mum, Prithi, helps foster her son’s creativity. She helps to guide Nathan, who has autism, to explore his talents and encourages him to do what he loves. Fashion, sewing, design, drawing, painting, jewellery making, and hairdressing are just some of the things he likes best.

Nathan shows off one of the display mannequins he has helped to prepare at The Sewing Basket

Nathan’s love for fashion sees him create new in-store displays each week at the Newington shop.

“As a child, Nathan was always crafty and creative, and he loved fashion. He would make dolls clothes from scratch and create seasonal catalogues,” Prithi says.  

At The Sewing Basket, Nathan not only works in the shop, but he also creates new fashion displays in-store every week. “I like working with the fabrics and putting them with patterns to make an outfit or just one garment. I put the buttons and zips on to bring it all together,” says Nathan.  

Building work-based skills also provides opportunities to meet new people and improves social connections. “I enjoy working with the volunteers who are helping me too. Together we neaten the shelves, work with the fabrics and the donations that come in,” Nathan says. 

I like working with the fabrics and putting them with patterns to make an outfit or just one garment. I put the buttons and zips on to bring it all together.


After studying fashion and technology at high school, Nathan transitioned to supported employment and later to the NDIS. Nathan’s mum, Prithi, says it’s been a long and painful journey for Nathan and her family 

“After going through a really rough patch last year with work, Nathan was in a dark place. But now he’s found a job he loves, a job that fits him well and that’s giving him more and more confidence each day,” explains Prithi. She went on to say, “I’ve never seen Nathan this happy and his speech has improved dramatically since he started working here”.  

Nathan and his Mum show one of the mannequins Nathan helps prepare with fabric at The Sewing Basket

Nathan and Prithi at The Sewing Basket in Newington.

Nathan sewing handmade bags for the markets

Nathan sewing handmade bags for the markets.

When asked where he gets his inspiration from, Nathan says that one way is through window shopping to see what’s in fashion. “I go to the shopping centre and see how they put the displays together in the windows. Maybe one day, I might work in one of those retail stores,” he says.  

Nathan works two days a week at The Sewing Basket, which has not only given him a new lease on life, but has also been a wonderful way to share his creative talents with other sewing and fabric enthusiasts. 

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