Inclusive living with My Home servicesLucy’s path to an Achieve Australia accessible apartment in the Crowle Estate started with a personal loss. Her mother, Lucy’s long-term carer, died in mid-2017.

Lucy’s aunts Sue, Anne, Mary and Jane became her carers and began a search for a new home. She assessed a variety of supported independent living service providers and finally narrowed her choice to Achieve Australia.

Finding Independence – Lucy's New ApartmentHer reason: location, location, location. Lucy wanted to remain close to where she’d been living with her mother in Sydney.

Lucy, a very sociable person, had established a life for herself with friends of her age and interests in the Ryde area. She also works part-time in the same neighbourhood. Crowle Estate proved to be a good match for Lucy’s needs in terms of location, quality and safety of accommodation.

“We went furniture shopping together and then Lucy decorated the walls of her new apartment with artwork she brought from her mum’s home,” said Lucy’s aunt Anne.

Finding Independence – Lucy's New Apartment“She has such a sense of pride and independence in her new home. When she lived with her mum, Lucy never used to clean her room. Now she takes great care of her apartment and keeps it spotless.”

Anne said she was concerned when Lucy first moved, worrying about how she would cope. Although familiar with the concept of money, Lucy had never used an ATM or handled cash prior to moving out on her own.

That worry has now been replaced by excitement and admiration for her niece as she develops new skills and gains life experience with the support of Achieve Australia Social Educators.

In another exciting development, Lucy’s good friend Emma has become her roommate. They are now happily sharing the apartment at Crowle Estate.

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