Ensuring we provide quality in everything we do (at Achieve)

How Achieve Australia ensures quality in everything we do

We are always looking at ways to improve the services we provide. An essential part of this work is seeking the opinions of the people with disability we support, and those of their carers and loved ones.

Gaining honest feedback helps us better understand what we do well, what issues may exist, plus learn how we might do things better.

Our internal and external audit process is one way that we gather and review information and seek and receive feedback. This process provides us with assurance that our systems and practices at service delivery sites:

  • are providing quality outcomes to clients
  • meet the needs and objectives of Achieve Australia
  • reflect the requirements of our systems, relevant standards and applicable legislation and other compliance requirements
  • identify hazards and risks requiring a management response.

Achieve Australia will be starting this internal audit process in the next few weeks.

To get ready, we will be reaching out to clients and families this week via email asking if they will review the information we have about the accommodation, drop-in support and day services we provide to people with disability during this audit process.

If you would like more information on this internal audit process, or would like to opt-out of this process, please contact Ranita Chatterjee, Senior Quality and Safeguarding Officer in the The Quality Team. Contact Ranita by calling 1300 22 44 38 or emailing her via qualityteam@achieveaustralia.org.au

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