Drop-in Support is designed to support people with disability to live independently or transition to more independent living arrangements. The services provide support for individuals who may live on their own, with family or in other shared living environments.

Our staff provide in-home support including, but not limited to:

  • Daily household tasks such as cleaning, washing and ironing
  • Grocery shopping and cooking
  • Gardening
  • Personal care
  • Building skills
  • Maintaining relationships with family and friends
  • Establishing new friendships and social connections
  • Attending medical or hospital appointments
  • Budgeting and banking
  • Connecting with local community networks
  • Finding employment and going to work
  • General health and wellbeing
  • Family support for ageing parents or other family members where individuals may be transitioning to more independent living arrangements.

We currently provide Drop-in Support services in the areas surrounding Hornsby, Epping, Ryde, Lismore, Casino and surrounding areas as well as other locations on request.

To find out more or to apply, contact us on 1300 22 44 38
or complete the booking enquiry form:

Spotlight on Drop-In Support

In this article, we explore drop-in support and how it is increasing opportunities for people with disability to live independently.