Inclusive living with My Home servicesCrowle Estate in Meadowbank is the first development of its kind, enabling people with disability to enjoy full inclusion in the local community.

This project was developed on the former site of Achieve Australia’s Crowle Home – a Large Residential Centre for people with disability. The new development includes 22 Specialist Disability Accommodation units with 36 bedrooms, scattered throughout multiple towers which incorporate 416 apartments in all.

“At Crowle, people we support have their own apartments,” said Anne Bryce, CEO of Achieve Australia. “These are homes any of us would be proud to own. This in itself is a significant step forward in the social inclusion of people with disability.”

The journey began in 2012, when Achieve undertook the devolution of the Crowle Home and supported the transition of former residents into individualised, independent living in community homes. The Home had reached the limit of its economic and social policy life; it was no longer fit for purpose.

At the time, Achieve did not have the financial resources to fund alternative accommodation. The solution was to find a like-minded development partner to realise the potential value locked in the land.

Achieve sold the land and an approved concept plan for a medium-density residential development. The sales agreement included a buy-back of Specialised Disability Accommodation apartments distributed throughout the complex.

This strategy funded the community houses required for former residents of the Crowle Home. It also underwrote housing for an additional number of people with disability – thus providing more support, for more people, at limited cost to government.

Crowle Estate is also pioneering new support models for people with disability. These innovations include all-awake shifts for support workers (rather than sleep-overs), a central support hub within the residential complex, and the use of assistive technology to enable peoples’ dignity and independence – without compromising on safety and security.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme covers the cost of providing 24/7 support for each person living in Specialised Disability Accommodation. This cost ranges from $125,000 to $500,000 per year.

“We hope to prove that the scale of the Crowle site will permit us to deliver services to more people, but at a similar cost to a group home. An individual community home typically accommodates 4 or 5 people whereas we are supporting 36 people at Crowle. If successful, this support model will significantly reduce costs for the NDIS,” said Anne Bryce.




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