As we continue with our Conversation Series, we spoke to Janis Redford who heads up the operations for Achieve’s services including accommodation, Day Programs, Drop-in Support and specialist services such as behaviour support.

Janis talked to us about what inspires her and what’s in store for the future of the Operations team.  

What are you passionate about, Janis?

I’m passionate about delivering innovative programs that empower people to live more engaged and fulfilled lives. This has always been of great interest to me. We have the opportunity to do this by developing a genuine understanding of our clients’ needs and, as an organisation, committing to always exceed expectations. When you truly make a difference to someone’s life, it’s very rewarding.

Janis Redford - Head of Operations Executive

How did you come to work in the disability sector and at Achieve?

I have an extensive background that spans 30 years in the human services sector. I’ve worked across a variety of organisations including public hospitals and not-for-profit organisations that had a focus on aged care, disability, homelessness, mental health and child and family services. With the recent reforms to disability services, the opportunity to work in an organisation at the beginning of this transformation was very exciting.

It’s about people with disability having the same opportunities as you and me.

Janis Redford

What’s in store for your area?

The Operations team manages the delivery of services across 40 locations in New South Wales. Our focus over the next 12 months will be to implement several initiatives to better support our staff to deliver the very best for participants accessing our services. In the short time I’ve been at Achieve, I’ve been impressed by the passion, enthusiasm and dedication of all staff. Their commitment to the work they do is outstanding.

How does this connect to our passion for social inclusion for people with disability?

The work of the Operations team focusses on providing support for participants to be well, have a place to call home, engage in rewarding work and activities, and enjoy a full life, doing the things that matter most to them. We work to make this happen every day. It’s about people with disability having the same opportunities as you and me.

How will Achieve continue to be ready for the changes brought about by the NDIS?

Understanding the short and long term implications of the NDIS reforms is key to preparing for the future. With any change there are new opportunities for improvement and our goal is to ensure we are in a strong position and are ready for these changes.

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