It’s no secret that art allows us to express ourselves creatively, to experiment with colours and textures and to connect with others who are like minded. People with disability enjoy art on many levels, which means that they can also contribute to public exhibitions like the most recent City of Ryde Art Society’s Annual Exhibition.  

The Art Society generously extended an invitation to Achieve’s Day Program participants to take part in their 58th public exhibition held last spring. The annual exhibition featured more than 80 original artworks from leading artists in the local area and attracts art enthusiasts from far and wide each year.

Vivian Fung's portrait of 'Bobby'

‘Bobby’, by Vivian Fung

It was the first time the group have taken part in a public exhibition outside of Achieve and something that they were immensely proud of. Vivian Fung, who presented her work at the exhibition says she enjoys creating artworks of people with oil pastels. “My artwork was about a happy girl wearing a hat and thinking about a boy. Her name is Bobby,” she said. 

The best thing about the art program is the nice people, getting to make beautiful art and the helpful teachers.

Vivian Fung, Art Program participant

Students from the art program graduated at the end of 2018 with a TAFE Certificate. The tailored TAFE program runs over a 12-month period and has allowed students to develop and refine their artistic abilities, explore and experiment with different mediums, and learn how to set up their own exhibition.  

Achieve Australia's art students with their certificates in front of their artworks

“The best thing about the art program is the nice people, getting to make beautiful art and the helpful teachers,” said Vivian.  

Achieve would like to sincerely thank the City of Ryde Art Society for providing the art group the opportunity to participate in their annual public exhibition last spring. It is opportunities such as this that make our community more inclusive and welcoming for people with disability and encourage the people we support to live full and meaningful lives.

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