A valued member of the team.

Meet Rohan, who first started working with Achieve Australia in June 2012 as member of the team employed at AchievAble Enterprises and also at other locations.

“Rohan is an impressive, positive and enthusiastic member of our team,” said Manager, Mark Rock. “He is placed in three of our social enterprises:  Matisse, a multinational paint and clay packaging facility; the Royal Botanical Gardens as a cleaner and sign maintenance worker; and at AchievAble Enterprises in the packing and sorting section.”

At Matisse, twenty-four year old Rohan is a reliable and trusted worker, often seen lending a hand to his co-workers, and is highly respected by Matisse management.

“Rohan is very accommodating and works hard,” said Matisse General Manager Brian Skippen. “He is quite skilled at using specialised plastic packaging and shrink-wrapper packaging machines, which he operates effectively and productively. He is a good man.”

Rohan says he loves working at Matisse because he gets to do the most work there.

“I really like learning new things, and doing different things every day,” says Rohan.

When working at the Royal Botanical Gardens and at the AchievAble Enterprises, Rohan’s work ethic has also earned him high praise from customers and volunteers.

“Rohan is the champion of control and choice for customers,” says Mr Rock. “He is one of our most capable and productive employees in our supported employment scheme. He meets targets, and all our quality assurance requirements, and always makes a good impressions wherever he is placed.”

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