Living life to the fullest. Live inclusively and in your community like Patrick does.

When the decision was made to close the former Crowle Home in Ryde, Patrick Gaffney had been living there for most of his life. Today, at 59 years of age, Patrick Gaffney lives in a duplex in Eastwood, built and owned by Achieve that is platinum-certified by Livable Housing Australia.

Since moving into the Eastwood Duplex, Patrick has embraced his new surroundings, and is diving into community life, regularly attending bowling, line dancing, merrymakers and bocce with local members from the local community and neighbourhood.

“In the last couple of months we have really seen a big change in Patrick. He is more outgoing and more relaxed, and he is happier” says Mary Roberts, Patrick’s sister.

Community Living offers people an opportunity to do everything out in the community, with the normality and the routines of each person’s life looking very much like it would look in any home in the community. Residents are supported to live as independently as possible, learning to cook, garden and take care of themselves in a home environment setting.

“It’s rewarding to come to work every day and see Patrick in his own home, his own room,” says Social Educator Mili Tuinuku.

Patrick works as a line packager at AchievAble Enterprises, and it has been amazing to watch the changes in him, taking on new ways of doing things and adapting to his new environment.

AchievAble staff report that Patrick has ‘blossomed’ since moving into the duplex, always joking and joyful. He tells them about his family visits, the garden, and how he can make his own cappuccino now. He also tells them about going to bowling and line dancing with his new neighbours.

Community Living Manager Ruchika Mangla says “The idea for life is to live it to its fullest, and now Patrick is really living his life. He is deciding who he wants to go out with, and what he wants to do. He has much more choice in his life, and it is beautiful to see it happening.”

When asked what he likes most about his new home Patrick replied “I like learning to cook for myself.”

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