Passionate About His Job

Meet Christopher Poole, a valued member of the team at the AchievAble Enterprises’ factory for almost 10 years.

Throughout his employment Chris’s confidence has grown with the experience, taking charge and pride in his tasks and workshop duties. Chris works at the factory five days a week and hopes to continue working there for a long time to come.

“Chris takes great pride in his role”, says Chris’ manager, Leanne. “He has a good eye for detail, and is always actively involved in Centre operations.”

Chris has also taken on the unofficial role of team-leader, helping his co-workers to unload pallets, load equipment, and to keep the work area organised and tidy. His primary role is to package vegetables, cutlery and biscuits for the airlines.

Megan Poole, Chris’s mother, said having a job has broadened his view of the world, and he’s keen to leave for work each day. “The skills he has learnt at work are put to use in everything he does. It makes him feel important and valued,” Mrs. Poole said. “He works full time hours just like the rest of the family, and he is very proud of what he achieves there each week.”

Outside of his time at the packaging Centre, Chris enjoys going to musicals, movies and the markets with his friends.

“I’ve made some really good friends here”, says Chris. “I like helping and doing my job well.”

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