Achieve Australia is committed to creating and delivering innovative and exciting opportunities that benefit the lives of people with disability that we support, and bring value to our organisation.

We will support people with disability to shape their plans into extraordinary lives. We will manage this process in a way which enables a seamless transition to NDIS funding, followed by innovation and delivery of the services clients and their families require.

Achieve Australia’s strategic priorities from 2016 to 2018 include:

  • NDIS service/business strategy – Developing and executing an innovative, unique and client focused business and service model.
  • Customers, parents and families strategy – Enabling a successful transition to the new way in which Achieve delivers services, including access to a broader range of services.
  • Workforce development strategy – Ensuring that managers and staff develop the necessary skills, knowledge and resources to enable them to better inform and support clients.
  • Marketing and communications strategy – Ensuring that Achieve becomes widely known by clients, parents and families as an organisation that is the market leader in the sector.
  • Property infrastructure and asset strategy – Providing clients, managers, staff, volunteers and stakeholders with access to appropriately resourced supports, facilities and buildings.
  • Funding our future strategy – Building Achieve into a viable, sustainable and profitable organisation which is able to fund its desired future.
  • Service development and delivery strategy – Offering an integrated range of high quality, innovative services funded and/or financed from a range of Australian and State governments on a fee for service basis.
  • Amalgamations, acquisitions, alliances and partnerships strategy – Ensuring that Achieve will continue to strengthen its strategic position through amalgamations, acquisitions, alliances and partnerships.