Achieve Australia has an expert, skills-based board of directors and a highly professional and experienced executive team. Working together within a robust governance and management framework, they provide a modern, dynamic and strategic leadership team, for which the wellbeing of people with disability is the primary focus.

While serving voluntarily, members of Achieve Australia’s passionate, skills-based Board have enjoyed success from a range of sectors and industries. Some board members have been tireless advocates and champions for the rights of people with disability. All have a deep understanding of how their experience and expertise is translated into the disability sector. The strategic guidance, expert advice and diligent governance of the Board are especially important as the sector transforms amid the NDIS rollout.

Achieve Australia’s executive team is a highly professional, agile and cohesive unit, leveraging decades of experience in the disability services sector. Together they understand the intricacies of delivering high-quality, person-centred services underpinned by evidence-based philosophies.

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