We understand that sometimes things don’t go as expected.

To help resolve your complaint as quickly as possible, we have prepared several ways to lodge your complaint.


Please read carefully to proceed.

All complaints lodged against staff or service of Achieve Australia will be managed with confidentiality but complainants are more than welcome to remain anonymous should they wish to. However, we may not be able to provide any update to you or request your feedback on our complaint handling process should you decide to remain anonymous.

There are three ways to lodge your complaint:

① Complete this online form.

You can continue by completing this online form on this page. Once we receive your online complaint we will send an acknowledgement email, except for anonymous complaints.

② Complete a paper based form.

If you prefer completing a paper-based form, you can download and print it. A hard copy is also available from any group home operated by Achieve Australia. Once you complete the form, you can either hand it to any group home staff or mail it to the address in the form.

③ If the matter is urgent or if you prefer to speak directly to someone you can call us on

1300 22 44 38

Your call will be transferred to Quality Team for a confidential discussion.

Once we receive your online complaint we will begin our resolution process within 2 business days.

Please be as specific as possible with your concerns as this will help us to resolve the matter more efficiently. Remember, you can remain anonymous, although to receive feedback, updates and to be involved in the resolution, we will need your contact details.

If you have any supporting documents you would like to attach, there will be a section in this online form where you can attach documents.