As a not-for-profit community organisation, Achieve Australia has provided services and support with integrity, commitment and passion since 1952 for people with a disability to achieve a life that is meaningful and valued. We do this by facilitating the learning and maintenance of life and work skills, the development of relationships, the ability to make life choices and participation in community activities.

We support people with disability to:

We champion independence, accountability, innovation and most of all, focusing on the needs and lives of the people we work with.

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As the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is rolled out in the coming years, our focus is on building our organisation, the people we support and the communities we work in for a new era for people with disability. It’s an exciting time and the NDIS help change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people with disability for the better. The NDIS heralds a new chapter for Achieve Australia, one which embraces new roles for business and the wider community in the disability sector. It will also continue and amplify Achieve Australia’s tradition of person-centred services, striving to empower people with disability with greater independence.

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Achieve Australia Annual Report 2017
Achieve Australia's 65th Anniversary Celebration

In 1952 the organisation began supporting 15 people in one facility on donated land in Ryde.

Today, Achieve Australia supports more than 260 people with disability in 82 community homes and 22 fully accessible apartments across Sydney and the Northern Rivers region of NSW. Another 46 people living independently in the community receive drop-in support, and 55 people with disability are engaged in supported employment.  More than 180 people participate in Achieve Day Programs across four sites. Achieve Australia’s services and supports are delivered by over 950 employees and we have an active pool of more than 100 volunteers.

Our Services

Inclusive living with My Home services

Live independently with My Home

We know that how and where you live is important to you, perhaps the most important part of your life. Achieve Australia can advise you on the ways to live as independently as possible, no matter what your situation.

To assist you to exercise your choice and control over your home, Achieve’s living and support services called My Home offers you a range of options to best suit your goals and needs.

Achieve has the flexibility and capability to meet your expectations for services and supports. We can assist you to:

  • Live by yourself;
  • Live with friends;
  • Get the right support to live in the community;
  • Work together to meet any complex medical needs or behavioural needs you might have;
  • Link you to services in the community and support you to access specialist services when needed; and
  • Obtain your daily support needs.

If you want to live more independently there are a number of ways we can assist you. We tailor services to people’s needs whether they require Drop-In Support, Supported Living or Leaving Care for a few hours a week, or more intense support.

Drop in support

Drop-in support can be used to help individuals find more independence in their family homes, or to move to more independent living arrangements.

Drop-in support can provide up to 35 hours a week support as part of a tailored support package. Those who are eligible will receive age and culturally appropriate levels of support for daily-living activities. Drop-in support can also help individuals to develop social connections and to manage their health and well-being.

Community Homes

Community homes, sometimes called group homes, are a great way for people to get higher levels of support for their day-to-day activities, make friends and socialise, and be assured of expert help being available when needed.

Community homes combine the comfortable atmosphere of a home with skilled staff on hand day and night, every day, to provide support and to monitor health needs and safety.

Community homes cater to those needing different levels of support. For those who have high support needs and require help with day-to-day activities like eating, showering, getting dressed and managing health, a community home would be suitable.

When you are supported by Achieve we ensure that you are assisted in a way that best suits you, placing you at the centre of all decision making about your life.

My Life: Daily lifestyle activities, supporting special needs.

Live the way you want with My Life

Achieve’s My Life service offers a range of options. You can engage in self-discovery, pursue passions and interests, and learn new skills – all in ways that best suit your goals and to make it possible for you.

To be able to live a life that you want, Achieve will help you

  • Explore and find solutions to suit your needs;
  • Engage in activities of your choice; and
  • Create opportunities for you.

Achieve will work with you to explore a range of activities and supports you may want, to help you achieve more daily.

Activities may include but not be limited to:

  • Learning new skills to build your confidence: literacy and numeracy, travel training, computing, cooking, and independent living;
  • Being out and about in the community: swimming, sailing, camping, photography, music, art and drama; and
  • Exploring work options: transitioning to work, volunteering, and work experience.

When you are supported by Achieve we ensure that you are assisted in a way that best suits you, placing you at the centre of all decision making about your life.

Our specialist team will work with you to design a service or activity of your choice. They will provide the support you need to help you to build confidence to pursue your goals and passions in life.

My Career: Our professionals help you find the right job to suit your abilities.

Be what you want to be with My Career

Having an income, learning skills to keep the job of your choice, and enjoying a good work environment are some of the goals that Achieve’s My Career service will work on with you and will strive to achieve.

Achieve will provide individual supports and services as you require. Achieve has the flexibility and capability to meet your expectations for services and supports. This could include:

  • Equipping you with skills, confidence and qualifications;
  • Assisting you to identify a career path;
  • Providing work experience opportunities;
  • Travel training;
  • Writing up an impressive resume;
  • Interview training; and
  • Ongoing support (if required)

We believe in creating opportunities for people to succeed and feel fulfilled through having a satisfying career and meaningful work.

Some of the industries we have assisted people to successfully work in are hospitality, packaging, media, and retail.

We also offer employment options with

  • Achieve’s Commercial Enterprise;
  • Achieve’s Social Enterprise; and
  • Assistance in starting up your own business.
My Wellbeing: All round physical and emotional wellbeing services and behavioural therapies.

Achieving Wellbeing

Achieve Australia supports adults with a disability to live a valued and meaningful life. A person’s wellbeing is enhanced when they

  • Lead healthy lives;
  • Have a strong sense of belonging and connectedness to their community; and
  • Have the ability to contribute to their community.

An individual’s wellbeing is constantly changing. To be able to help you live a quality life, Achieve’s My Wellbeing service focuses on providing holistic lifestyle support for the critical aspects of your life.

This contemporary and forward-focused service helps people live the life they want to live. We will work and explore with you a range of supports to help you achieve just that.

Achieve has the flexibility and capability to meet your expectations for services and supports. We can assist you with your

  • Physical wellbeing
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Financial wellbeing

We aim to deliver a supportive, evidence based service, with outcomes for a healthier and secure lifestyle.

You will be assisted by our dedicated and qualified team of practitioners. The team will regularly be in touch with you to help you monitor and manage your ongoing wellbeing.

Read more about the ways we can help you live independently, and contact us to talk, no matter what your situation or goals.